Why Can't I Print a PDF?

A large number of people are sending documents back and forth through the internet now than ever. It has entirely or near-entirely replaced post mails, telegrams, and all other options, thanks to the advancement in internet technology. The PDF format, developed by Adobe, is mostly used for sending and receiving documents. It is easy to work with and maintains a consistent layout.

However, sometimes people complain of not being able to print a PDF file after they've received it from the internet. When they try to print a document, a screen flashes stating, "PDF won't print", or "PDF is protected".

But why does that happen, and is there a solution to it?

The Main Reason Why You Can't Print a PDF

If you've already done a printer check, data corruption check, USB cable check and still it isn't printing out, then chances are it might be encrypted or locked.

Authors when they create a PDF document have the ability to lock or restrict it from being printed out and reproduced. This might be because of the sensitive information contained in the document which the author doesn't want to be disclosed, or he/she simply don't want the PDF file to be presented in a physical form.

But at the end of the day, you won't be able to print out the document because it's restricted. The authors might have saved a password, which you simply don't have access to. So what to do in that case?

PDF Password Remover Lets You Unlock PDF Files

PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover is a downloadable utility tool which you can use to unlock restricted PDF documents and use it without damaging or changing the layout.

The way it works is it decrypts the PDF file by removing the extra layer of security that was imposed on it by the authors. So you get access to the text, contents, pictures, and all of the contents inside of it.

After you've decrypted it, you can print out multiple copies of the PDF file. If you simply wish to just copy and paste it somewhere else, you may.

How to Unlock A PDF File in PDF Password Remover

Using the software is quite easy and intuitive. Just follow these steps mentioned below and you'll have access to the contents of encrypted document within minutes.

Step 1. Download the software from the download page and install the software then open it.

Step 2. Drag the PDF file you wish to unlock into the software screen, and it'll start immediately. If you want to batch unlock multiple PDF files, you can drag and drop all the PDF files onto the window.

Step 3. You'll find the unlocked PDF files in the designated folder. You can change the output path by clicking on the path text at the bottom of the program window.

This PDF Password Remover software is under 5 MB in size an it is truly a pick for those who deal with encrypted PDF files on a daily basis. Once you've decrypted the file, you can edit it, print it, or simply copy the contents.

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