PDF Password Remover FAQ

PDF Password Remover Frequently Asked Questions

Why the PDF asks me for the password to open it even after using the PDF Password Remover?

PDF Password Remover can not remove the user password if you don't have it, that means if you can not read or open the PDF without the password, you need the user password to remove the password and restriction.

How to Remove PDF Password

Download, install and run PDF Password Remover, then drag and drop your protected PDF files onto the program user-interface, it will remove the owner password and restrictions from PDF documents instantly.

Why I need to remove PDF password

Before removing the PDF owner password and restrictions, you do not have the authority to convert, modify and print the PDF document. After PDF Password Remover processing, the protected PDF document will be decrypted to a normal PDF file and you can do anything on it.

What is the portable version and what can I do with it?

PDF Password Remover portable version is a ZIP file, which doesn't need to install to your PC. Just unzip files to a folder, and then you can run PDF Password Remover .exe file to use it immediately. The portable version means you can save the program to portable devices like flash disk or something else, then copy and use it on any PC without installation.

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