How to Unlock a PDF File? Here is the Answer

Don't you just hate it when a PDF file has those permissions which don't allow you to copy and print the content? While they are extremely helpful in ensuring security, when you have a legitimate document on your hands, it can be a hassle to extract text and print the PDF file.

Thankfully, you can escape this hassle without much worry. All you have to do is set up PDF Password Remover and you're good to go! This is an absolute lifesaver, helping to recover time that would otherwise have gone wasted.

Tools like these enhance your productivity. With the updated version, you have access to a range of different functions as well, all augmenting your PDF usage abilities.

PDF Password Remover

Why Prefer PDF Password Remover

The following features are responsible for the resounding success of this tool:

- Usability on both Mac OS X and windows platforms
Users who are on either of these platforms can access PDF Password Remover versions, specifically built to their OS. Since a majority of users fall in these 2 groups, it is extremely helpful to all the users on these platforms.

- Availability of a portable version
You don't have to install the program separately to use its PDF password removal functionality. The tool is portable, meaning you can use it instantly if the tool is available on a system. Thanks to this feature, you can copy the tool on a storage disk and use in multiple platforms.

- You can now copy necessary content from your PDF
Password-protected PDFs often come with copy restrictions, preventing you from using the content in different files. However, once the password is removed and the PDF is unlocked, you are free to copy its content to any other file as you desire. No more manual entry!

- Batch mode unlocking of PDF files is possible
If you have multiple files to be unlocked, this program would finish the work smoothly. Simply add all these files and the Password Remover Tool will unlock them all in a single go. Adding each file manually is no longer required!

How To Unlock a PDF File by PDF Password Remover

Follow these simple steps to successfully unlock your PDF file:

Step 1: Download and install the PDF unlocking tool

Stay away from unauthorized sources as they are likely to contain malware/adware components. Install the application from a legitimate source and run the .exe file. The installation procedure is fairly simple as well, taking only a few seconds. You are now ready to begin password removal.

Step 2: Load the restricted PDF File

You'll be prompted to load the PDF file. Click on the main window to choose the document from its location and initiate the removing task. You can also drag and drop more than one PDF file onto the window to process these files in bulk, as per your convenience.

Step 3: Unlock the document!

The tool will automatically take care of unlocking operations and provide you with the unlocked file.

Please note: If the PDF file is user password protected, you would be asked for the open password.

With such a simple process, you'll never have to worry about any errors in unlocking your PDF files again. Thanks to the blazing fast password removal tool, all your documents can be stripped off their passwords for easier accessibility.

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