How to Unsecure a PDF File on Windows and Mac in 3 Steps

Unsecure Any PDF File by PDF Password Remover

Do you have an important PDF file which can only be read? Do you need to print, edit, select, copy, or convert your secured PDF file to a different format?

We have got the solution!

No matter if your PDF file is password protected, or if it can't be edited, you can still regain access to your PDF files with PDF Password Remover.

How to Unsecure a PDF File in 3 Steps

1 - Download PDF Password Remover and install it on the machine you want to access the locked PDF files on. For Mac OS, you can simply drag the PDF Password Remover from the DMG package.

2 - Next, run this software tool then drag and drop the PDF files you want to unsecure onto the PDF Password Remover program window.

3 - Voila! You're done.

The software will decrypt your PDF file, and automatically save it in the desired location.

Pro tip: Register yourself with the program and unsecure your multi-page PDF files on the go. However, if you have not registered, only the first page of your PDF file will be decrypted by the software.

What's Next?

So you have decrypted all of your PDF files? Rest assured, you can do everything that you want to do with these files now. Right from copying the content from PDF to converting the PDF to other documents and printing the PDF, or editing it - you can perform a range of tasks.

Advantages of PDF Password Remover

In addition to helping you unlock your PDF files, the tool also helps you in a number of ways:

- Use batch mode
Do you have an array of PDF files that need to be unlocked? We understand that doing this process manually is time-consuming. Thankfully enough, you can drag and drop several files and unlock all of them at once.

- Perform a range of operations
You not only get to access the locked PDF file, but you can also perform a range of operations on your recovered files. You can then print them out, convert them into a different document, and even use the files as per your wish.

The software helps you in decrypting PDF files while also making them usable. This is something that could come handy!

Unlocking a Secured PDF File is not Tough

A PDF file can be secured in two ways - with the help of the open password, and with the help of the owner password. While the open password won't allow you to access the file, the owner password won't allow you to edit, copy, select, or perform any other operations on the PDF file.

This is when PDF Password Remover has got your back.

What's more about PDF Password Remover?

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Try our PDF Combine software, and easily merge your PDFs on the go.

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