a Powerful Unlocker of Password-protected PDF Documents

Unlock Your Protected PDF Files by PDF Password Remover

(Reviewed by 3D2F) Have you ever been in a situation where a password-protected file suddenly brought your work to a complete halt when you least needed it? Do you know the embarrassment of seeing a warning message telling you that you can't print your file or copy text from it when you really need to do it (and fast)? If you've been there and don't want to deal with these problems ever again, you need PDF Password Remover.

PDF Password Remover is a super-compact and extremely affordable tool that will help you remove password protection from PDF files preventing you from printing, modifying or converting them to other formats.

Please note that the software WILL NOT be able to remove the user password, so if you are unable to open and read a PDF document, PDF Password Remover will not help you. If the document is protected on other levels, this nifty little program is just what you need. To remove protection from a PDF file, start PDF Password Remover and then drag and drop the file into the program window. The unprotection process will start immediately. If you drop a set of files, the program will process them in the batch mode one after another. Once the password is removed, you can copy the content of the file, save it in a different format and print it as a normal document.

PDF Password Remover is a handy tool that is extremely efficient in what it was created for - removing password protection from PDF files.

PDF Password Remover