How to Remove Password from a PDF File [Resolved]

If you deal with a range of password-protected PDF files (like most of us), you will understand how difficult it is to remember the password of each file.

Your bank might send you the monthly credit card statements in the form of a password-protected PDF file, or you might have a password-protected PDF file downloaded from the internet.

In cases like these, the contents of the file cannot be accessed until and unless you provide the right password. But what is the password? You either do not know or you have forgotten.

Now, what?

Do not give up yet! PDF Password Remover is here to help you out. The tool works by decrypting the PDF file and removing PDF restriction from the protected PDF files.

All you need to do is follow the instructions given below.

How to Remove Password from a PDF file in 4 Steps

1. Download the desktop version of PDF Password Remover on your Windows or Mac OS X machine.
2. Install the PDF Password Remover.
3. Open the required file from which password is to be removed in the tool.
4. Voila! You¡¯re done. The tool will automatically save the unrestricted file at the desired destination.

Is the Portable Version Available?


You might be running out of storage, or you simply don¡¯t like to install a lot of software on your machine.

PDF Password Remover understands you, and this is why the software comes in the form of a zip file. You don¡¯t need to install this file on your PC mandatorily. Instead, you can keep a portable version of this file in your flash disk drive, and unzip the files, and run the .exe file whenever needed.

You can carry this tool in the portable disk, and use it on any other machine, as and when required.

Sounds simple, right?

What Can You Do after PDF Password is Removed?

A lot, we would say!

- PDF Password Remover decrypts the protected PDF file and allows you to conduct a range of operations, including:

- You can copy the decrypted content from your PDF file and paste/use it anywhere you want.

- The decrypted PDF files can be converted into a range of other formats, which are not the case with encrypted PDF files until and unless you use a highly effective and advanced converter.

- You can print your decrypted PDF files, and stay assured, you will get high-quality printed documents as you normally do!

So get ready!

Do not give up on your PDF files just because you got them from somewhere else and are not aware of the password. Or because you have completely forgotten what the password was all about.

In either case, PDF Password Remover is the ultimate tool that you need!

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