How to Use the PDF Restriction Remover

Having a restricted PDF file which cannot be edited, copied, or printed is frustrating. Like what are you supposed to do with this file?

Do you feel the same?

Do not give up on your hopes yet, instead use a PDF Restriction Remover like PDF Password Remover.

As the name states, a PDF Restriction Remover works by removing all the restrictions from the PDF file and decrypts it.

Easy to Use & Remove PDF Restrictions

PDF Password Remover is the best PDF Restriction Remover available with us today. Easy to use, and compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows and Mac OS X, the tool is available as a desktop version.

To use the tool, here are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

1. Download the PDF Password Remover on your desktop.

2. Run the .exe file, and follow the instructions that follow.

3. Select the restricted PDF file you need to have access to.

4. The PDF Password Remover will work on its own and unrestrict all the restricted PDF files.

The best part of this PDF Restriction Remover is the fact that it doesnĄ¯t need to be installed on your computer. You can carry the tool, essentially the .exe file, in a portable disk and use it on any machine on the go.

Advantages of this PDF Restriction Remover

The tool not only helps you in converting a restricted PDF file to an unrestricted one, but it also offers a range of advantages. Some of these include:

The tool allows you to use the Batch Mode. We understand that you might have a range of restricted file which you need urgent access to. Simply use the batch mode of PDF Password Remover and drag and drop all the files into the tool. The tool will start its processing on the go.

PDF Password Remover not only unrestricts the file, but also allows you to print, modify, and convert into another format. Thus, the tool helps you in using the file as needed.

Should You Be Using It?

Why not? If you have a restricted PDF file you cannot make the most out of, it is recommended to decrypt it using a PDF Restriction Remover, and use the file as you would do normally.

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